Durability Of Books…Late Fees —Cagle

DIGITAL DRIVES PRINT: Here’s a big shout out to the viability of print and its impact on recipients. Online shoes and merchandise seller Zappos.com mailed out 750,000 copies of a printed catalog in time for the 2009 Christmas shopping season, The New York Times reported. The catalog, titled Zappos Life, offered footwear, handbags, jewelry, clothing and fragrances, among other things.

Aaron Magness, director for brand marketing and business development for Zappos.com, told the newspaper that “different people respond to different media.” This catalog, the third sent out by Zappos during 2009, was well received by what Magness termed as “lapsed customers,” a.k.a. consumers who haven’t bought anything lately.

Catalog-driven orders are more than twice the size of an average order that originated on Zappos.com. More seasonal and holiday catalogs are planned for this year, Magness told the paper.

OVERSEAS ACCIDENT: AFP reported in December that a worker for a printing plant in Munich, Germany, lost all 10 of his fingers after they got caught in the printing press’ rollers. The unidentified man was cleaning the press when they became caught. He went into shock and was immediately rushed to a local hospital.

Sadly, the worker’s fingers could not be found and reattached. A technician who was sent to the factory to dismantle the press could not find the appendages, despite a two-hour search.

WASTE OF MONEY?: Last month, a blog on U.S. News & World Report exposed the hypocrisy of Congress. Paul Bedard’s Washington Whispers pointed out that Congress tries to coerce doctors into adopting digital files in an effort to stem the costs of healthcare, yet itself spends nearly $97 million a year to print documents including the Congressional Record. Bedard pointed out that one page of the daily Congressional Record costs $727 to print.

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