Wide Format Wraps Up 
An Ugly ‘Kiss’ —Cagle

Hershey Co.'s in-plant produced this vehicle wrap of an old delivery truck.

Bits and Pieces

HOW DO you turn a rusty, 20-year-old delivery truck into the talk of the town? If you have wide-format printing equipment on hand, you wrap it in colorful promotional images and send it back onto the streets.

That’s what the staff at The Hershey Co.’s in-plant did to an old Isuzu box truck. They used their 54˝ Roland Soljet Pro III XJ solvent ink-jet printer to transform the truck from an embarrassment into a gem.

“Usually we hid this truck away because it was pretty old and not nice looking,” says Bob Wamsher, manager of printing services at the Hershey, PA-based in-plant. “But now it’s got a new life.”

The in-plant staff undertook the box truck makeover project to launch its new vehicle wrapping service. It went so well that the shop is already bidding on jobs for outside companies interested in revamping their own vehicles, Wamsher adds.

The in-plant installed a Roland Soljet Pro about six months ago, primarily to print vinyl banners for outdoor use. When Wamsher decided to give vehicle wrapping a try, he enlisted the help of Avery Dennison, which supplied the shop with its cast vinyl film that’s manufactured to conform to curves, rivets and corrugation.

“It took about six hours to get all that printed,” says Wamsher—plus another hour to laminate everything with a seal laminator.

Avery Dennison employees trained Hershey staff to apply the material to the truck and worked side-by-side with them during the project. Blow torches were used to soften the material that would cover the truck’s rivets.

“I was surprised just how easy it was to apply,” adds the in-plant manager. “The training is really key to this application.”

He completed the truck’s makeover by getting chrome covers for its rusty wheels.

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