Industry Associations Formally Exploring Unification

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ/PITTSBURGH—Feb. 23, 2012—At a meeting held prior to the just-completed Vision 3 Conference, a group of industry leaders convened to explore opportunities to unify the National Assn. for Printing Leadership and Printing Industries of America. This action was taken for several reasons:

  • the economic conditions of the past several years,
  • the ongoing contraction of the industry, and
  • as a response to calls for action from membership and suppliers.

After a full day of very productive and open discussion, the group was able to reach unanimous consensus to move forward with a plan and process to address the above issues, which will greatly benefit members of the groups as well as the industry in general.

A special task force has been formed consisting of representatives from both NAPL and PIA to collaborate on and move forward with a unification process. The boards of each organization have passed resolutions supporting the process, and empowering the task force to take the steps to create a new single entity. Joe Truncale and Michael Makin, the CEOs of each organization, have expressed their full support of these efforts.

The unification process is expected to take several months to reach completion. Members of each association are encouraged to continue to support their respective associations.

The task force will develop a number of sub-committees to address key areas such as:

  • Strategic plan;
  • Name of the organization;
  • Staffing and leadership;
  • Local representation;
  • Programs; and
  • Location.

These steps will take place over the next several months, along with due diligence and legal work.

The task force is being co-chaired by Laura Lawton and Darren Loken, who are the current chairs of PIA and NAPL respectively. The other members of the task force are:

  • John Berthelsen, Suttle-Straus Inc.
  • Tim Burton, Burton & Mayer Inc.
  • Keith Kemp, Xerographic Digital Printing
  • Michael Makin, PIA
  • Joe Truncale, NAPL
  • Jules VanSant, Pacific Printing Industries
  • Niels Winther, Think Patented
  • Nigel Worme, COT Media Group

About NAPL
NAPL is a not-for-profit business management association representing companies in the $80+ billion commercial printing and graphic communications industry in North America. NAPL’s comprehensive slate of business-building solutions provides company leaders with the management tools they need to make informed business decisions in an ever-changing market environment.

About Printing Industries of America
Printing Industries of America is the world’s largest graphic arts trade association, representing an industry with approximately one million employees. It serves the interests of 10,000 member companies. Together with its nationwide affiliate network, Printing Industries delivers products and services that enhance the growth, efficiency, and profitability of its members and the graphic communications industry through advocacy, education, research, and technical information.

Source: NAPL and PIA.

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