Printers Discuss Crossover Points: Offset vs. Digital Presses to Output Short-Run, Static Print Jobs

PHILADELPHIA—July 24, 2014—In the “Myth Busters: Comparing ‘Offset 2.0’ vs. Digital Presses for Short-Run, Static Jobs” Webinar that will be presented by Printing Impressions next Tuesday, July 29, at 2 p.m. (ET)/11 a.m. (PT), Taylor Blackwell, owner of Walker360 in Montgomery, AL; and Mallery Mele, owner of Mele Printing in Covington, LA, will discuss how they determine what work gets printed on their offset gear, and what gets produced on their digital output devices in their individual shops. In addition to an assortment of digital printing equipment, both print providers own Heidelberg Anicolor presses geared for short-run production, as well as conventional offset machines. The Webinar, sponsored by Heidelberg, will be moderated by Mark Michelson, editor-in-Chief of Printing Impressions.

The digital/offset crossover point for short-run static work can certainly vary from print shop to print shop. Blackwell and Mele will reveal what factors they consider, including finishing and substrate requirements, PMS spot colors and much more. The panelists will also discuss whether or not digital printing has been “oversold” in the market, given that the majority of short-run printing produced today doesn’t require personalization. Register to listen in, and submit your questions in real-time, on what will sure to be a lively discussion.

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