Same High-Tech Press, Same Super Success, Very Different Printers

LOS ANGELES—The Komori Lithrone LS40SP Super Perfector with double coater technology—so new, there are only a few operating in the United States—inspired Komori to sponsor a media junket to California in April to see two of the presses in action.

The Super Perfector, based on Komori’s successful Lith-rone S40 series, is a tangible example of the company’s commitment to create presses from the user’s perspective, employing their input in the development of its products.

Zarik Megerdichian, president and CEO of Glendale-based 4Over Inc., who runs an all-Komori shop, claims he’s one of those end users whose input was incorporated into the design of the LSSP with double coaters. Megerdichian, who already owned a six-color S40 perfector, six-color LS40 with UV and five-color S40 perfector with coater, now operates North America’s first 10-color Lithrone S40 Super Perfector with double coaters.

“We push Komori to add new technology to their presses,” Megerdichian explains. “We’ll say, ‘Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the press could do this,’ and Komori will work on the idea. When they were developing the Super Perfector, we suggested they add coating technology. And, that’s exactly what they did.”

“Now, if they only had UV, ” adds Patrick Aristakian, 4Over’s general manager. “No worry. In a year or so, they’ll develop it.”

4Over, a 200-employee printer with 24,000 clients, generated $42 million in 2006 and is on track to double that in ’07. It serves the business-to-business market, entirely online, producing everything from business cards and brochures to pamphlets and promotional material.

“The makeready on our Super Perfector is amazingly quick. And, in the printing business, makeready is money,” Megerdichian stresses. “At 4Over, much of the work is ordered for next-day delivery or two- to four-day delivery—so time is money.”

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