Hall of Famers Embody Work, Family, Service –Michelson

Giving of one’s time to better the industry as a whole and building reputations based on integrity are key principles shared by ColorCraft of Virginia’s Jim Mayes and Michael Keene, of The John Roberts Co. Both 2008 Hall of Fame honorees have found great benefit for themselves and their companies through active involvement with industry associations at the state and national levels. They realize that the educational, information sharing and networking opportunities are priceless. They also understand the immeasurable value of establishing a good name for themselves and for the way they run their businesses.

Joining the ranks of those honored for the past 23 years before them, these four individuals’ names will be inscribed on a plaque at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Print Media to help inspire future industry leaders. As our country and industry continue
to face a cloudy future, it’s important for all of us to follow life’s paths lit so brightly by their shining examples.

Mark T. Michelson

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