• Reduce patient care costs through education.

• Make patients aware of options and services.

• Provide patients summary information about health services they used that quarter.

RHI sends patient communications reports to insurance plan members who have received more care—in the form of doctor visits or medications—than the median for all participants in their plans. These reports summarize all medical care (doctor’s visits, prescriptions, tests and other services) that the patient has received since the previous report was issued. They also detail the cost of those services, the amount the patient paid and the outlay made by the insurer, along with any other related information deemed useful.

[ Development Process ]

The first step RHI took was to develop templates and content related to various health conditions. It then implemented algorithms that analyze a member’s claims record and report relevant information. The result is a 100 percent personalized healthcare profile for each person in the target group.

In addition to analyzing the care a patient does receive, the system will recommend appropriate services that it does not find in the patient’s record. Lower-cost alternatives to prescribed brand-name medications are also reported, if suitable. Customized content can also be added based on the recipient’s medical conditions, including information about foods, action, drugs, etc., that may be harmful or helpful to someone with those ailments.

[ Producing the Job ]

Production of the reports is handled by Anderson Direct Marketing, a vertically integrated direct marketing company that provides campaign development and production services. Its services include campaign strategy and development, creative, media services, database management, and digital and offset printing, as well as response and ROI analysis.

The company initially produced the reports on a Xerox DocuColor 6060 digital color printer driven by a Spire CXP6000 color server. It used a variety of variable data software to develop the program, including PrintSoft PReS and XMPie’s uProduce, uCreate and uPlan. Anderson has been producing 3,000 to 5,000 reports on a quarterly basis.

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