Green Printer Promotes ‘Blue Air’

PHOENIX–As Arizona’s only employee-owned commercial printing company, O’Neil Printing is used to thinking outside the box. Which is why it comes as no surprise to those familiar with the company (especially its clients and friends in the community) that it is a leading environmental steward.

O’Neil has its own sustainability program, which focuses on recycling excess production materials including paper, aluminum printing plates and corrugated cartons, as well as properly treating and reusing the chemicals in its printing processes. O’Neil has also teamed with Toyo Ink and is utilizing Toyo’s HyPlus 100 process series inks, which are entirely VOC-free.

O’Neil’s out-of-the-box, eco-friendly thinking becomes uber apparent in two of its most unique initiatives, one involving employees, the other print deliveries. Company employees are encouraged to use alternative “blue air” methods for their work commute, such as car pooling, ride sharing, public transportation, bicycling and alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles. Each month, a drawing is held for a $50 gift card and a preferred parking spot for employees who participate in the initiative.

Pictured at top, Kelly Karau is selecting a winner in the employees’ monthly drawing. Pictured above is another of O’Neil’s innovative green initiatives: a “clean emissions” natural-gas-fueled delivery vehicle, a Honda Civic, driven by Art Uriarte.


According to its quarterly “eco-audit” for Q1 2008, Cary Printing, of Morrisville, NC, used 611,205 pounds of certified paper; saved 229 full-grown trees, 219,710 pounds of wood and 410,815 gallons of water; reduced landfill waste by 46,940 pounds; saved net greenhouse emissions by 112,968 pounds; and reduced energy consumption by 755,651,138 BTUs.

Ripon Printers, of Ripon, WI, has joined the Wisconsin Green Tier program, reducing its impact on the environment and exceeding compliance and environmental laws/regulations. Its many sustainability measures include reducing VOC emissions, energy and water usage; recycling paper, plastic, cardboard and plastics; and pursuing FSC certification.

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