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• There are 750 million acres of forestland in the United States today, about the same as 1907.

• Forestland in Massachusetts and New York have increased more than 70 percent.

• Over the same period of time, forestland in Vermont, Pennsylvania and North Dakota has almost doubled.

• Overall, forestland in the northern United States has increased by almost 30 percent.

• Eleven states had increases of more than 25 percent over the last century; nine had increases of more than 30 percent.

• Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Louisiana all have more forestland today than a century ago.

This new data reinforces findings in “The State of America’s Forests,” a 2007 report by the Society of American Foresters that was produced with the support from Abundant Forests Alliance. The full report is available for viewing or download at .

Patricia “Trish” Fritz has been named Associate Chief of Staff for the Government Printing Office (GPO) Strategic Environmental Programs. In her new position, Fritz will develop and expand programs that include recycling, reducing energy consumption, reducing the GPO’s carbon footprint and providing federal customers with environmental printing alternatives.

Fritz, who previously worked with Congress and the Departments of Energy and Interior, will also assist industry leaders in creating a certificate program for more environmentally responsible paper usage by federal agencies, and she will advise the GPO on ways to move the agency into a facility that is green-building certified.


“Love Your Mother” was the message on an invitation from Dome Printing. “Come to Dome’s Earth Day celebration and make your mother proud,” the predominantly green, 8.5×11˝ postcard reads on the flip side. “Come in and show some love to your dear old Mother Earth.

“Take a tour of our plant and see what we are doing to protect Mom,” it continues, noting that guests were also to be treated to free organic eats, free tree plantings and even free tattoos. “All brought to you by Dome Printing, and Mom, naturally.”

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