Postcards. . .And (Please) Buy My Book —Erik Cagle

A week later, we received another postcard, this time with the company’s name and number logoed on one side. Huzzah!

OVERHEARD ON RADIO: On the commute into the office one day, I was downright shocked to hear a radio advertisement for the Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP digital press. Canon tapped a mature medium to reach out to what is generally considered a mature industry and, given the glut of content on the Internet, this was probably a smart move. The copy was concise and well-written, capped with the slogan, “Produce, persuade, perform on paper.”

Forgive me if this isn’t verbatim; it was hastily written down on the back of a gas station debit card receipt while traveling at 70 miles an hour.

BAN THE BUN: When last we saw Fred Buck, musician, print salesman extraordinaire and the pride of O’Neil Printing in Phoenix, he was extolling his company’s virtues in an effective e-mail pitch. Not long ago, Fred wrote to say that his son, Daniel, starred in a commercial for burger joint Carl’s Jr. to promote the “flat buns” on their sandwiches.

The risqué commercial, which can be viewed at, was actually taken off the air amidst protests and a lawsuit brought on by Tennessee teachers. They apparently objected to a female “teacher” dancing suggestively in the video and drawing attention to her own buns, which clearly are not as flat as the ones sold at Carl’s Jr.

Dan Buck’s formidable rap skills and an interview with the budding young actor can be seen on

NOVEL CONCEPT: After hundreds of hours spent writing and rewriting, 2 a.m. marathon sessions and 10 years of developing ideas and then trashing them, I’ve completed my first novel. “Gross Misconduct” is a story about lost love and one man’s dream to play professional hockey, but ostensibly it’s a story about discovering one’s true self, and not always liking the reflection on the other side of the mirror.

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