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O’Neil Data Systems’ open house gave customers, industry media representatives and prospective buyers an opportunity to see its 30? HP Inkjet Web Press in action. (Photos by Danny Moloshok/Newscast)

James Lucanish, president of O’Neil Data Systems, holds up a thermal ink-jet from the HP Inkjet Web Press. (Photo by Danny Moloshok/Newscast)

Tom Clifford, GUA president, offers some welcoming remarks.

Jeff Hayzlett, Kodak’s chief marketing officer, gave Tuesday’s keynote address.

Hands-on classroom sessions provide a unique learning opportunity for attendees at the Graphic User’s Association (GUA) annual meeting.

Once the CPI and Courier installations are complete, the ink-jet press will be running at firms that collectively produce approximately 800 million books annually. These publishing customers see runs between 300 and 3,000 books as the sweet spot for the press.

Books are one of the four applications areas in which HP is developing full solutions with its prepress and finishing partners. According to Maruggi, the others—direct mail, transaction printing and newspapers—are all on track. In addition, the company is developing coated and treated paper solutions optimized for the press, which currently supports a wide range of uncoated offset media.

Representatives from several of the manufacturer’s solutions partners participated in a panel discussion during the open house and set up tabletop displays to explain how they fit into HP Inkjet Web configurations. The companies on hand included CMC, EMT International, Hunkeler, MBO America, Muller Martini, Pitney Bowes, Timsons Inc. and Ultimate Technographics.

—Noel Jeffrey

Kodak Users’ Group Seeks Efficiency

ORLANDO, FL—”Efficiency Revealed” was the unifying theme of this year’s Graphic User’s Association (GUA) annual meeting for users of Kodak workflow, digital printing and computer-to-plate solutions. Individual sessions covered technical topics ranging from Kodak’s Unified Workflow to its new Stream ink-jet printing platform, along with management issues such as determining an ROI for technology investments and sustainability.

Attendance was down from last year, but the healthy total registration (including Kodak representatives) still approached 300 people. The 80 or so first-timers more than doubled the previous year’s number.

More than 70 sessions (with some repeated) and hands-on classroom courses were offered across the three-day main conference and pre-conference agenda. There also was a lab were attendees could get some one-on-one time with Kodak solutions and technical personnel.

In his welcoming remarks, Tom Clifford, GUA president and prepress process supervisor at RR Donnelley, pointed out the value that can come from participating in the annual conference, but also stressed the year-round benefits of GUA membership, especially access to the online forums. He detailed the number of feature requests that have been incorporated into the latest and pending product releases as evidence of the group’s influence.

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