Among those who use Internet advertising, just 14 percent say they only use it as a standalone digital campaign, while more than half (54 percent) say they use it as part of an integrated campaign with other media. One-third (33 percent) use Internet advertising in both types of campaigns equally.

According to Harris Interactive, “Although the trend among advertisers is clearly towards the Internet, advertisers have to walk a fine line. At least three in five consumers are very frustrated with six of the main Internet advertising characteristics, and there is the potential to see a backlash forming. To be successful, those that advertise on the Internet will need to come up with more engaging ways to connect with consumers.”

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Several promotions have been announced at Upper Valley Press, North Haverhill, NH. They include Philip Hayward to president; Dennis DeVaux, senior vice president and chief administrative officer; Kevin Shelton to vice president of manufacturing; –Connie Smith to vice president and CFO; and Janice Drouin Heathman, vice president of client services.

Paul Koestler has joined the sales team at Baltimore-based Bindagraphics Inc., covering Philadelphia and its surrounding markets. He had worked at Oxford Bookbinding for 24 years prior.

At Federal Direct, Clifton, NJ, Joe Gomez is a new account executive serving the New York/New Jersey region.

Lawrence, KS-based Allen Press has chosen Anna Sullivan as its senior account executive serving clients in the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC, areas. She formally served as senior sales representative at The Sheridan Group.

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