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Internet Ads Up, But Consumers Peeved

According to a study by Harris Interactive, Internet advertising efforts are on the rise, yet the majority of U.S. consumers surveyed say they are frustrated by the most common types of Internet ads—pop-up ads, ads that automatically open when moused over and hard-to-close ads. Ads that spread across the page, covering the content, are said to be the most frustrating.

The Harris survey finds that 92 percent of advertisers are employing Internet ads in their marketing campaigns, followed closely by print advertising (88 percent). Less than half say they typically incorporate radio advertising (46 percent), TV advertising (46 percent) and digital advertising, such as cell phone ads (39 percent).

Type of Media Advertising Used

“Do you typically incorporate the following types of advertising in your media campaign(s)?”

Percentages: Total (By region: East / Midwest / South / West

Internet advertising — 92 (90 / 90 / 94 / 91)
Print advertising — 88 (83 / 92 / 91 / 86)
Radio advertising — 46 (41 / 46 / 57 / 39)
Television advertising — 46 (44 / 43 / 56 / 39)
Digital advertising 
(e.g., through cell phones) — 39 (43 / 36 / 41 / 35)

Note: Multiple responses accepted

Among those advertisers that are using each of these types of media, there is a difference in the level of their usage since last year. Three-quarters of those who use Internet advertising (74 percent) say they are incorporating it more often, while 69 percent of those who use digital advertising are incorporating that more often when compared to a year ago. For those using print advertising, half (49 percent) are using it less often relative to a year ago, while 41 percent are using it the same amount.

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