Print in The Mix What Kind of Advertising Is Purchased by National Advertisers and Agencies?

A Marchex and Sterling Market Intelligence survey of 150 national and regional advertisers that sell products and/or services via local outlets, dealers, franchises and stores, was conducted in September 2008. Sixty-two percent of respondents have marketing budgets in excess of $1 million, and 67 percent of respondents have revenues in excess of $10 million.

The study finds that nearly one-half of respondents are pursuing local online ads. In addition, though not the study’s intent, the results just as significantly show that national advertisers clearly understand the importance of print and other traditional media in the marketing mix.

In fact, when asked, “What forms of advertising does your company currently buy?” direct mail and newspaper advertising lead all local ad media purchased, at 57 percent and 52 percent, respectively.

Local and National Advertising Purchased by U.S. National Advertisers and Agencies (September 2008)

Media – % of respondents
Local (Net)84%
Direct mail (print)57%
Local newspaper52%
Cable TV36%
Local radio34%
National (Net) – 67%
Yellow Pages (print)45%
Broadcast TV33%
National radio28%
E-marketing (Net) – 73%
Online ads47%
Transactional Websites24%
Mobile marketing14%
Out-of-home (digital)12%
Other e-marketing5%
Other advertising (brochures, events, magazine ads, promotions, PR)9%

Source: Marchex Inc. “Local Online Advertising: Strategies and Tactics Every Company Should Know,” conducted by Sterling Market Intelligence, 10/1/08, as reported by

Fast Facts—Types of Ads to Reach Specific Customer Segments

• Online advertising, followed by search engine marketing and direct mail, are the types of advertising most U.S. marketers use to reach specific customer segments, according to a 2008 Compete survey.

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