Print in the Mix iProspect Search Engine Marketing Integration Study

(Commissioned by Inc. and conducted by JupiterResearch)

The August 2008 survey of 289 search engine marketers sought to understand how search engine marketing integrates with off-line marketing channels. It attempted to reveal the specific search marketing and integration techniques in use and to identify obstacles to the integration process.

Top-line results showed that more than half (55 percent) of search engine marketers report coordinating or integrating their efforts with at least one off-line marketing channel. Of the 10 off-line media options, print media is the channel most frequently used (direct mail 34 percent, newspaper/magazine ads 29 percent), with TV/radio ads following at 12 percent each.

The study notes that, “despite the demonstration of the power of integrating search and off-line channels,” nearly half (45 percent) of search engine marketers do not integrate their search marketing efforts with off-line channels. The reasons given are:

• Don’t advertise in off-line channels — 24%
• Lack of budget — 19%
• Lack of human resources — 15%
• Didn’t think of/consider the option — 13%
• Lack of senior management buy-in/initiative — 11%
• Separate people manage off-line/SEM channels — 11%
• Don’t see benefit of coordination/integration — 9%

Take Away: 45 percent of search engine marketers who do not integrate online with off-line marketing are missing the opportunity to take advantage of the off-line behaviors of search engine users. Direct mail, magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, etc., are channels that drive users to go online, search and to make a purchase.

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