BINDERY matters

Outsert Folder Handles Larger Sheet Sizes

EVANSVILLE, IN–Cortegra Group, an ISO 9001-certified provider of pharmaceutical printing and packaging services, continues its investments in a new facility, along with its latest equipment addition, a Vijuk MV-2005 outsert system.

According to Plant Manager John Miles, “The new large-format, servo-driven, high-speed folding system, which has the capability to fold up to 130 folded panels, permits accurate folding with the use of an electronic water-score system and provides enhanced flatness through pressing units.

“These features provide customers with the option to keep the same size insert/outsert, while starting out with a larger size sheet–which is necessary to meet the new FDA label ruling, requiring larger size font printing on new products. It also has full barcode scanning for inserts and outserts,” he adds.

Turned-Edge Binding Turns a Pretty Profit

MOUNT VERNON, OH–Coyne Graphic Finishing has added turned-edge binding, which company execs claim is a service available from very few sources throughout North America.

“Turned-edge binding is used primarily in the production of single-piece binders, joint multi-flap or milled folders and book covers,” explains Kevin Coyne, president. “It is an extensive operation that involves a number of separate finishing processes. These may include any combination of precision spotting and gluing of the cover material to the board, creasing of the cover material and the board substrate, and turning in of the edges, as well as roller pressing and output functions.”

Built by CMC in Italy, the new system features one-pass, automatic corner folding, hot and cold glue compatibility, and programmable creasing, which gives Coyne a number of production options for turned-edge projects, such as game boards and sample boards (that display product samples like carpet and siding). It accommodates all types of creases, including multi-crease spines. It can crease as many as 100 positions per board and stores up to 100 creasing programs.

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