BINDERY matters

TSK Names HBSI as U.S. Distributor

PLAINFIELD, IN—TSK (Tokyo Shuppan Machinery) and TSK America announce the appointment of Hines Bindery Systems (HBSI), based here, as the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of TSK’s line of perfect binders, gathering machines, tipping systems and three-knife trimmers.

The firm’s “flagship” adhesive binders are the TMA-18, TMA-21 and TMA-24, rated at up to 10,000 books per hour. TSK also provides proprietary sensors, monitors and quality-control devices for its gatherers and binders, and for retrofitting to existing systems.

According to TSK officials, HBSI was selected as the company’s exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada due to its expertise, long history working with perfect binding equipment and its reputation for quality service among leading printers.

Quad/Graphics Enhances Its Co-Mail Capabilities

SUSSEX, WI—Quad/Graphics is once again expanding postage-saving opportunities for clients by advancing co-mail capabilities across its entire manufacturing platform. At the center of this strategic initiative is a new, patent-pending IntelliTrim technology that allows multiple titles—each with their own unique trim size and page count—to be bound together on a single, conventional saddlestitcher.

“Quad/Graphics knows co-mailing,” says Joel Quadracci, president and CEO of Quad/Graphics. “In the last year alone, we have co-mailed more than 1 billion catalogs, so we have already attained critical mass. Now, with the company-wide rollout of our IntelliTrim technology, as many as three times the number of catalog clients will be able to participate in in-line co-mailing.”

IntelliTrim technology allows up to a 1˝ variation in the face-to-backbone dimension with no limitation on the number of trim widths that can be accommodated in a single binding run. Each title can have its own unique face-to-backbone trim size, and the variation from one title to the next is infinite within the 1˝ range. Prior to IntelliTrim technology, trim sizes needed to be identical in order for clients to participate in in-line co-mailing.

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