Florida Company Canned Over Printing Error

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL—When it comes to variable data printing, accuracy reflects 100 percent of the job’s value. A printer here was reminded of this fact when it was relieved of its duties by a tax collector.

The vendor, CASS Data and Mailing Services of Fort Walton Beach, was fired by Tax Collector Mike Fasano after it mistakenly sent out almost 2,000 auto vehicle registrations to Pasco County residents containing the wrong personal information, the Tampa Tribune reported. CASS Data was responsible for printing 30,000-plus tag renewal notices each month for Fasano’s office.

Fasano expressed concern to the Tribune over using a third-party provider to print the registrations. His concerns came to light when notices were sent to 1,921 residents that combined their personal information with that of other car owners. The gaffe affected people who have a birthday in May and own at least two vehicles, the paper said.

Fasano asked CASS Data to provide impacted residents a year of identity theft protection, although neither social security numbers nor credit card information is collected. Fasano will now rely on in-house printing services.

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  • Esiterica

    If Fasano’s people make one wrong key stroke it will happen to them too. There are people who specialize in high security mailings for a reason.

  • Doug Alexander

    But what will happen if — rather, when a mistake like this occurs with their in-house staff, just who will get fired? I would think the answer would be — no one. Governments are not well known for letting those who are responsible take the blame for mistakes.

    I would be willing to wager that the reason that Ft Walton was using an outside vendor for this sensitive work is that there was a similar mistake of this magnitude when they were using their in-house staff to do it.