Sometimes overlooked, printing blankets can make a big difference in the quality of output produced on-press. Uncover what some printing blanket manufacturers are offering.

Available from DAY International, the dayGraphica 3700 is designed for heatset web printers looking for a blanket that minimizes press mechanical problems. This blanket reportedly keeps presses up and running by resisting smashes, on-press damage and piling. Makereadies are faster due to precise ink transfer and great web release.

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The SX-10 compressible printing blanket, available from DYC Supply, is designed for high-speed printing where a variety of coated and uncoated papers are used. It features a new, high-tensile backing to prevent scratching, a new ply layout to minimize gauge loss and a high-yield compressible layer to help absorb the pounding of high-speed presses. It also features a finished ground surface for better release properties and a new rubber surface that is resistant to inks, solvents and chemical formulas. Its specially designed cerise color also allows for viewing of a definite image on the blanket.

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MacDermid Printing Solutions has announced the introduction of its RP310 blanket for high-quality commercial printing. The RP310’s surface is said to offer significantly reduced piling and optimized ink transfer. The RP310 has consistent print quality for all high-speed web applications. Its uniform gauge and consistency ensures smooth, even printing across the entire print surface.

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The Tourmaline blanket is part of the new generation of printing blankets from Phoenix North America. It’s characterized by a new elastic, compressible layer that combines a long blanket life with top print quality. The green, superfine ground surface is said to yield excellent print results in screen, as well as in solid print. Tourmaline is highly resistant to smashes and chemicals, and can easily handle format changes. Ink and paper dust buildup are minimized, reducing washup frequency. Outstanding print results on all kinds of stocks are achieved with Tourmaline. The sheet release, also known as the QR-effect, is reported to be high-quality. The blanket is available in four-ply thickness.

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