Digital Finishing : Taking Their Output Off-line

An operator at Publishers’ Graphics keeps pace with a Standard Horizon BQ-470PUR perfect binder, which produces lay-flat books.

Hearty finishing equipment was acquired by Publishers’ Graphics to handle work produced on digital devices such as the Xerox iGen4 press, shown here.

Arvato’s is extremely thankful for the level of technology now available on the finishing end, as there was a period where the company relied on a different stitching platform that was “quite painful,” according to Potrykus. It had trouble processing the daily output of 60,000 to 70,000 personalized books with varying page counts.

Can’t Afford High Waste

“When we went to the Stitch-
Liner, our waste numbers decreased dramatically,” he notes. “Every book is very unique, so we’re not in a position where we can run overs because they’re all personalized to the end user.”

Off-line is the finishing of choice for Publishers’ Graphics of Carol Stream, IL. The company, which bills itself as a “book of one” print-on-demand (POD) production facility, is another print provider where zero waste and zero defects are givens. It caters to large, small and independent publishers, with a sweet spot of hardcover and softcover academic books, and a newer focus on yearbooks and photo albums. It even offers clients an online bookstore and an electronic book repository.

While standardization is not as prevalent for Publishers’ Graphics, which opened its doors in 1996, the company has taken great pains to streamline its processes. Publishers’ Graphics recently added polyurethane reactive (PUR)—a popular adhesive option known for lay-flat book capabilities—to its binding 
arsenal. It tapped Standard Horizon for its BQ-470PUR perfect binder.

“Any time you’re dealing with PUR for hardcover binding, you have to make sure that it cures properly,” notes Nick Lewis, president and owner of Publishers’ Graphics. “It’s a little shift in 
philosophy as opposed to EVA 
(ethylene vinyl acetate) glues.”

Quick Turns Necessary

Speed to market is paramount for Publishers’ Graphics due to its “book of one” workflow; the sell-and-print model has an average turnaround time of three to five days from order to delivery.

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