Valassis Makes ‘Best Companies for Hourly Workers’ List

LIVONIA, MI—April 12, 2011—Valassis has been included on Working Mother magazine’s esteemed list of the “Best Companies for Hourly Workers.” In its second year, the list celebrates businesses working steadfastly to provide family-friendly benefits that promote health/wellness, education, flexibility and work-life balance.

Valassis employs approximately 3,000 hourly employees across the country, largely in its print and shared mail manufacturing locations, where many work compressed work weeks. A typical hourly associate schedule in these facilities is a three-day/four-day work week, offering opportunities for family time.

Valassis also offers non-manufacturing hourly associates 2-1/2 hours of paid flexible time each week to use for their personal needs, such as parent/teacher conferences or doctor appointments. The company provides a host of convenient services, including onsite workout facilities and discounts, health fairs/flu shots, dry cleaning, postal services and discount tickets, to name a few.

“Valassis’ proven commitment to instituting practices that meet the needs of its diverse workforce is what has earned them a spot on this year’s ‘Best Companies for Hourly Workers’ list,” said Jennifer Owens, director of the Working Mother Research Institute. “Working Mother proudly applauds their dedication to creating an inclusive environment where every employee feels valued and respected.”

“We strive to offer our employees a variety of benefits recognizing their needs outside of the workplace and the importance of family time as well as opportunities to contribute to the success of our company,” said Todd Wiseley, Valassis senior vice president and general counsel. “Our employees give us their best, and in turn, we want to do the same for them.”

Nelly Rogers, Valassis Client Services Director in Houston, began her career with the company 18 years ago as an hourly employee. As a working mother with two young children at the time, Rogers credits the flexibility and support she has received with allowing her to simultaneously care for her family and grow her career.

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    If more companies did these kinds of things they would be amazed at how much the performance and attitudes would improve which can lead to better efficiency, productivity, and quality. Unfortunately, most companies just do not get it.