SG360° Rolls Out Proprietary Co-Mingling Software to Deliver Added Savings

WHEELING, IL—Nov. 14, 2012—SG360°, a Segerdahl company, announced its EXPRESSions MAILsolutions service, specifically designed to create additional postage savings. This proprietary co-mingling software takes savings one step further than traditional mailing practices by conducting an upfront analysis to identify and select only the portion of a mailing where additional postage savings can be achieved through the co-mingle process.

“MAILsolutions positions a mailing not only for ‘true’ additional postage savings, but presents another benefit by potentially enhancing the end delivery of the co-mingled portion,” says Rick Joutras, CEO of SG360°. “But our value proposition doesn’t stop there. Combining our powerful suite of direct marketing and mailing services—including analytics, design, logistics, consolidation and optimization programs—we are able to provide our customers with the most comprehensive cost saving offerings, all under one roof.”

MAILsolutions’ virtual sort allows only the pieces subject to the more costly postage increments to be processed through co-mingle. Combining those expensive segments with other similar volumes of mail will migrate lesser individual volumes to lower rates by increasing mail density, a key driver of lower postage. This greater depth of sort process equates to less postal handling and a more timely delivery.

“In the world of direct mail, postage is one of the last frontiers where savings can still be mined,” explains Mike Buttita, director of postal affairs at SG360°. “Taking advantage of advancements in mail sorting programs such as co-mingle, along with enhanced database management practices, helps to minimize the negative effects of increased postage.”

Recognized by the USPS as a Business Alliance partner, SG360°’s multi-faceted mailing services also earned the 2012 USPS Mail Innovation Award. In addition to expert mailing and distribution logistics, SG360°’s EXPRESSions pillar offers final production, hand/secured assembly, and finishing.

About SG360°
SG360°, a Segerdahl company, provides empirical direct marketing solutions to many of the world’s largest and savviest retail, financial, healthcare and automotive marketers. Based in Wheeling, IL, the company offers innovative tools and expert guidance that turn what could be just a service into a solution. The SG360º purpose is to create deep connections with those that matter most…our customers.

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