Printing Error a Bad Gamble On Poker Tour –Cagle

Bits and Pieces

This summer our humble offices here on Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia welcomed author, CEO and printing industry good guy John Foley, he of Grow Socially fame. I took note because, earlier, Foley had remarked in a post on his Facebook page that he was in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Alas, Foley hadn’t ponied up $10,000 to play in the Main Event; he stopped in to watch some of the live play. “It was awesome. All you can hear are poker chips shuffling,” he wrote.

Had Foley attended the WSOP a few weeks earlier, he would have had a front row seat for a bit of a controversy that involved, believe it or not, a printing error. It seems printing errors were being spotted by WSOP players, allowing them to identify low spade cards that were lying face down. The TV lights used by sports network ESPN illuminated the problem.

The WSOP card decks were produced by U.S. Playing Card of Erlanger, KY. According to Bluff magazine, tournament officials replaced the decks with cards used in the previous year’s World Series.

You would think someone associated with the WSOP could’ve cleared out the local Wal-Mart’s supply of playing decks. Using year-old cards hardly seems up to championship standards.

With the lack of nighttime events taking place during Graph Expo, perhaps John can organize an industry game. Hey, it is Chicago, after all.

MR. COFFEE, MEET MR. ZIP: There are three Joe DiMaggio personas that Americans came to know, depending upon their age.

There was Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, the highly respected and multi-talented center fielder for the New York Yankees. Then came the Joe DiMaggio who married Marilyn Monroe; the stormy union lasted less than a year and made for great tabloid fodder during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Finally, we saw DiMaggio the pitchman, most notably hawking Mr. Coffee.