Break-In at San Francisco Print Shop May Be Related to Federal Criminal Case

SAN FRANCISCO—A printer tasked with handling 10,000 pages of sensitive evidence, plus audio and video recordings related to a federal court case was the victim of a May 25 break-in, according to KTVU-TV, although it appears none of the evidence was stolen.

The unauthorized entry occurred at Colour Drop, the station revealed, citing a police report. The evidence is being used in the federal case against Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow and Leland Lee, who are facing fraud charges following an FBI investigation that includes allegations of arms sales and murder-for-hire plots.

Curtis Briggs, an attorney for Chow, told KTVU that the printer was contracted to disperse the 10,000 pages of evidence, along with the audio and video recordings. Defense attorneys were told to provide at least eight terabytes of memory to receive the files in advance of the court proceedings, the station quoted Briggs as saying.

A video of the break-in obtained by KTVU shows a man loitering briefly outside the shop on Van Ness Avenue before kicking a window and breaking the glass. The video shows the suspect crawling through the window and entering Colour Drop, at which point he wandered through the shop before exiting back through the window.

The break-in occurred on the same day the U.S. Attorney’s office had dropped off evidence at the printer to be copied for distribution to the defense attorneys, Briggs told the station. Briggs was critical of the U.S. Attorney’s office for using a contractor without ensuring that tight security measures were followed.