4over4.com Launches ‘100,000 Trees for Humanity’ Promotional Initiative

4over4.com has identified planting trees as a sustainable way of correcting certain environmental issues, including deforestation. As an online printing provider, it recognizes that the trees used in the production of paper, on which most printing is done, need to be replaced in order to balance out the effect on the environment.

Trees are crucial in restoring vital oxygen back to the environment. Trees also contribute to temperature control and natural cover/blocking of UV rays. Deforestation is an ugly reality that is sweeping through the world and exposing humanity to dangers which can be avoided by steps towards environmental conservation.

“At 4over4.com, we are trying to find ways to contribute to the wellness of the environment, and our latest effort is “100,000 Trees for Humanity.” Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees but we also want to raise awareness and encourage participation from the community at large. As a web based company we wanted to use the power of the Internet to raise awareness about this important issue and garner support from our end users and their circles of influence as well,” states Taso Panagiotopoulos, principal at 4over4.com.

“We will plant a tree for every time someone spreads the message about this initiative. We do this by asking that you create a link to our website to create awareness and show support. For each link, we will plant one tree. You can link from your social networking profiles, your blog, or your website. It does not matter. But we can’t do it alone, we need people to support this initiative. The more people spread the word, the more trees will get planted. If we see some positive results, we’ll seek the participation of other organizations as well.”

For more information on “100,000 Trees for Humanity,” visit http://trees.4over4.com.

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Source: Company press release.