4over4.com Launches ‘100,000 Trees for Humanity’ Promotional Initiative

ASTORIA, NY—Dec. 20, 2010—Online printing company 4over4.com has announced its “100,000 Trees for Humanity” green printing and reforestation initiative and its plan to use the Internet and social networking to promote awareness of environmental issues related to reforestation. The company’s goal is to plant 100,000 trees by sponsoring an initiative whereby support for and awareness of the cause is demonstrated by creating a link back to 4over4.com or the 100,000 Trees for Humanity page. For each link showing support, 4over4.com will plant one tree.

Since 1999, 4over4.com has not only paved the way as one of the first online printing companies, but also as a green printing company, having embraced eco-friendly printing practices and environmental sustainability as a matter of corporate policy. In the wake of threatening environmental realities like deforestation and global warming, it is no surprise that people and corporations everywhere are starting to turn a “green” leaf.

With this new wave of increased environmental thinking has come more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly industrial production processes, more financial contributions by corporations to causes dedicated to protecting the environment, and various commendable initiatives by private individuals to help solve this truly global problem. Green printing initiative “100,000 Trees for Humanity” by 4over4.com is a right step in this direction.

“4over4.com is a green printing company. We have long embraced the use of green materials and processes. We believe strongly that all printing firms should follow suit. Our standard practices include the use of vegetable-oil-based water soluble washes for cleaning presses, organic soy-based inks, water-soluble aqueous coatings, 100 percent recycling of waste paper, wood and metal by-products, chlorine-free paper, as well as the use of FSC-certified paper and 100 percent recycled paper in the products offered to our end users,” said Taso Panagiotopoulos, a principal at 4over4.com.

4over4.com holds Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This international organization, sanctioned by such respected names as the National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and World Wildlife Fund, is devoted to encouraging responsible management of the world’s forests. Its certification process ensures that the paper used at 4over4.com was manufactured from wood harvested from well-managed forests.