PrintCity Alliance will Focus on GREEN Theme #Ipex

GRÖBENZELL, GERMANY—03/31/2010—PrintCity Alliance members Leonhard Kurz, manroland, MEGTEC, Merck, Océ, Sappi, Tolerans, UPM and Weilburger Graphics are exhibiting at Ipex 2010, focusing on three leading ‘themes’ PRINT: LEAN.GREEN.SEEN.

Of these three hot topics, ‘GREEN’ is possibly the issue most talked about, but least fully understood by many in our industry. Since 2008 the PrintCity Alliance has taken a leading role in knowledge sharing in this important area, and our members plan to continue to do so.

Environmental Impact – GREEN

GREEN is concerned with Environmental Impact and is inter-connected with Lean Manufacturing, both of which can deliver cost savings and business growth opportunities. In our latest project in this area, PrintCity members have been working since 2009 on a new Carbon Footprint & Energy Efficiency study, which will be published in autumn 2010.

The transition from a carbon-intense to a low-carbon and more sustainable society will be one of the single most important drivers of the first half of the 21st century for every business and inhabitant of the planet. Climatic and other environmental issues will have an accelerating impact across the entire value chain of publishers, advertisers, packagers, printers and their suppliers.

Focused on the theme Carbon & Energy Reduction for the Graphic Industry Value Chain, our members work will help provide clarity of understanding on this complex subject with information on strategies, techniques and technologies to help improve the overall cost and environmental performance of printers, publishers, brand owners and other print users.

There is a close relationship between Green House Gas emissions and energy, as well as on the use of print worldwide:

• The cheapest kWh — with zero Carbon Footprint — is the kWh not used

• Print is the only medium with a one-time Carbon Footprint — all other media require energy every time they are looked at