Printalution Island launched in Second Life by the Education Summit

BOSTON—January 27, 2009—The Education Summit for Graphic Communication has launched Printalution, an island in the virtual world Second Life, created for the Graphic Communication community to connect, educate and reach out to anyone interested in understanding the print and graphic arts industry. It is a tour location that can be explored by Second Life ‘residents’, as well as a location high school teachers can take students to learn more about the printing industry. The Printalution project was announced at the 3rd Education Summit meeting at Graph Expo in Chicago.

Printalution Island was developed in efforts initiated by the Education Summit, a group coordinated to develop a cohesive effort and message to youth, the public and the educational system about the needs of our industry. It is also supported by efforts from The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF). The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation administers scholarships for the Printing Industries of America and its affiliates, litho clubs, organizations, companies and individuals. Currently over 230 students attending 84 schools receive financial assistance through PGSF. PGSF manages more than $8.5 million in endowments for its donors.

Printalution Island in Second Life

Printalution Island was created to reach Generation Y prospects in places where they congregate. In doing so, they have added classes for teachers, community events, reach-out programs, a tour of all the stages of printing and a “print is green” exhibit.

Within the site is:

• A facility that accommodates 144 people for large demonstrations and presentations.

• An area where educators can meet and discuss curriculum and direction with industry leaders, and communicate with other speakers in the print industry.

• An ‘introduction to printing tour’ of all the phases of printing.

Typically, registration to Second Life itself includes a somewhat tedious member orientation. To make the introduction to the print community as easy as possible, visitors to the Printalution web site (, can register, create their own account avatars, download the Second Life software, start off on Printalution Island and complete the orientation there. There are also weekly classes available to help people learn about Second Life, from basic orientation to how to build things and basic programming.

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