Exhibitor Tips for Success —Morgan

They understood the process. Exhibitors understand not to expect to receive an immediate payoff from exhibiting. In the printing industry, the average turnaround time to convert a prospect into a customer can easily be six months. Successful exhibitors understood the conference was just the first step in building the trust with client companies. They spent their time establishing a foundation with the attendee instead of pushing for an immediate sale.

They did their homework. The best exhibitors ensured the exhibit event matched their needs and was an effective way to meet their goals. Because they understood that the print buyer’s perspective is the most important one, they spoke with clients to hear their thoughts on whether or not it would be a worthwhile event. They also researched if the event organizer had a proven track record with chairing trade shows and asked for detailed demographics on past attendees.

They researched the location. Successful exhibitors ensured the exhibit hall would foster a welcoming environment. The arrangement of the exhibit hall can have a significant impact on the success of the event. It is crucial that the exhibit hall be set up in a way that people don’t feel claustrophobic or cornered, while ensuring the highest level of traffic. Conference organizers should also provide an incentive for attendees to visit all of the booths.

They measured. The best exhibitors had a professional-looking booth that was inviting by nature and strong in content. One of the steps exhibitors often forget is to obtain booth measurements to ensure that their signage and display items will fit. People who were on top of things carefully reviewed the exhibitor prospectus to ensure it would have everything they needed. While this may seem like a minor point, print buyers will determine in just a couple of seconds whether or not to approach a booth. It is important to have one that immediately grabs a buyer’s attention by featuring a well- organized, attractive display.

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