Magazines Posted Advertising Gains for Fifth Straight Quarter, PIB Says

NEW YORK—July 12, 2011—Total magazine rate-card-reported advertising revenue for the first six months of 2011 closed at $9.64 billion, posting a 4.0 percent increase vs. the same period in 2010, according to the Publishers Information Bureau (PIB). Ad placements during the first half totaled 79,426 pages, a +1.3 percent gain compared to January through June 2010.

During the second quarter of 2011, magazine PIB revenue closed at $5.35 billion, generating a +2.4 percent increase against the same period last year. PIB recorded 43,671 ad pages in the second quarter, a gain of +0.3 percent compared to the April through June period of 2010. This marks the fifth consecutive quarter that magazines have posted increases in both PIB ad revenues and pages, beginning with the second quarter of 2010.

First Half 2011 vs. 2010


PIB ad revenue and pages grew in seven of 12 major advertising categories from January through June 2011: Apparel & Accessories; Automotive; Drugs & Remedies; Financial, Insurance & Real Estate; Retail; Technology; and Toiletries & Cosmetics. (Twelve categories are the most significant contributors to PIB revenue, comprising more than 85 percent of total advertising spending.)

Three sectors exhibited double-digit page gains, driven by advertising for the following products categories:

  • Toiletries & Cosmetics: cosmetics and beauty aids; hair and skin care products.
  • Automotive: domestic and foreign brands, driven by a mix of fuel-efficient/hybrid models, sports cars and motorcycles; also auto accessories and equipment.
  • Financial, Insurance & Real Estate: banks; investor consultancies and software; insurance firms.

Second Quarter 2011 vs. 2010


Five of 12 major categories contributed to PIB growth in the second quarter of 2011: Apparel & Accessories; Drugs & Remedies; Financial, Insurance & Real Estate; Retail; and Toiletries & Cosmetics. Toiletries & Cosmetics, the category that boasted the highest gains and largest share of ad revenue in Q2, benefited from an influx of ads for perfumes, hair care products and cosmetics, as well as toiletries aimed at male consumers in particular.

“Advertising revenue and pages in magazines grew steadily through the first of half of 2011, bolstered in part by sustained gains in the Toiletries & Cosmetics, Automotive and Financial/Insurance categories,” said Andrew Jung, MPA’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s also worth noting that pharmaceutical marketers have increased advertising spending for the third consecutive quarter, owing to the uniquely favorable environment magazines provide for communicating comprehensive medical and drug information to consumers.”

About Publishers Information Bureau

Publishers Information Bureau (PIB), founded in 1947, is the premier source of consumer magazine advertising spending and related data. Kantar Media, the leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information, collects and monitors this data and supplies it to PIB. PIB is a membership organization, administered by MPA—The Association of Magazine Media, consisting of approximately 235 different magazine titles and newspaper-distributed magazines.

Source: PIB.