‘Print Delivers’ Seminar Series Heading to Seattle

SEATTLE—July 13, 2011—Top advertising agency executives and media/marketing decision makers in the Northwest area will have the opportunity to hear experts from major companies present case studies, facts and expertise during “Print Delivers NW” on July 26, 2011, in Seattle.

Presentations will focus on how print integrates and energizes multichannel marketing and targeted campaigns, on the ROI of print media and how print on paper is an environmentally friendly medium due to its renewability and recyclability.

“Print Delivers NW” will be held at the Seattle Asian Art Museum from 2-6 p.m., including presentations, exhibitor tables and a networking reception.

Speakers and topics:

Lynn Kraus, senior manager procurement group, Commercial Print and Starbucks Card, Starbucks Coffee Co.—As a leading proponent of responsible print, Kraus will share her insights into the value of print and its place in the media mix for Starbucks Coffee in its communication to customers. She will explore ways that the company integrates print with new digital media, explain its commitment to a sustainable print platform, and present a specific case study of a successful marketing campaign.

David Mastervich, manager of catalogs, periodicals, and saturation mail, U.S. Postal Service—Mastervich will present inspiring facts on the effectiveness of print through case studies showcasing cross-media campaigns with ROI data of 19-3000% from Dell, Wild Dunes, Feld Entertainment, and other world-class companies.

Scott Dubois, president, pidalia—In his “Cross-Media World, an Evolution” talk, Dubois will address the challenges that marketing specifiers face in today’s business climate: the realities of the media world today, effective processes to gain market share, and thoughts on what the future holds. There will be a special segment on case studies and mistakes to avoid to help attendees with practical application.

Ian Hanna, director of business development for FSC-US, and Penny Machinski, environmental manager for West Linn Paper—The duo will discuss the environmental impact of paper and print from the forest through the production floor and offer advice for maximizing the sustainability and marketability of a print campaign.

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  • charlie

    The scary part of this is that we as printers are forced to defend the value of our product. It’s like being on trial for
    committing a crime. We used to present our best work for recognition by the same group of people who will now stand in judgement if we are viable. Explain to me again why we spend so much capitol and expend so much energy to create the perfect printed piece, when we are held up to 72dpi on screen comparison?