PBI Launches Print Buying Basics Webinar Series

CHESTNUT HILL, MA—April 19, 2010—Print Buyers International (PBI) is launching a series of Webinars this Spring to help teach those new to print buying, including graphic designers and marketing managers, how to work with the printing industry.

The three 30-minute webinars, each taking place on Wednesdays at 11 am EDT, will be led by PBI founder and print buying expert Margie Dana. The first Webinar takes place on May 12th.

Entitled “The BIG Picture!,” this Webinar will provide perspective on the U.S. printing industry. Attendees will learn why all printing firms are not the same, as well as the five major ways in which they differ.

“New buyers and designers need to understand what’s going on in the printing industry if their role includes sourcing print efficiently,” Dana noted. “In this 3-part series, I’ll cover a lot of ground about working with printers the right way. Anyone who’s new at print sourcing—including creatives, business owners and marketing managers—will learn practical insights from these 30-minute Webinars.”

Part 2 in this series, “The 5 Ways to Source Your Print Jobs,” takes place on Wednesday, June 9th. In this segment, Margie Dana will describe the five distinct channels for getting jobs printed commercially, and how to evaluate each channel to help decide if it’s the best fit for your firm.

The final Webinar in this series will run on Wednesday, June 30th. Entitled, “Best Resources Online and Off for New Buyers and Designers,” it is designed to give attendees a wide range of resources for continual learning about printing and related graphic arts. Dana will share names of books, publications, industry experts, web sites, events—and even Twitter accounts that new buyers and designers should follow.

PBI plans on offering additional webinars on different topics in the second half of 2010.

How to Register
Registration for the first webinar on May 12th is now available online at http://bostonprintbuyers.com/webinar. The webinar costs $19.99, and attendance is limited. Members of Boston Print Buyers may register free of charge.

About Print Buyers International:
Print Buyers International (PBI) is the umbrella organization that includes its member-based group, Boston Print Buyers. PBI is an independent association that caters to professionals who purchase or influence the purchase of printing. Each year it hosts an annual conference, providing education and networking for professionals who work with printing and the graphic arts. For additional information, please visit www.printbuyersinternational.com.

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