PRIMIR 2012 Winter Meeting Program Announced

RESTON, VA—August 14, 2012—PRIMIR, the Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization, announced the lineup for its Winter Meeting, scheduled for Dec. 3-5, 2012 at the Westin Hotel Canal Place, New Orleans, LA.

Featured at this final meeting of 2012 will be two soon-to-be-released PRIMIR research studies. The first presentation on “e-commerce and Print Business Models” will present key findings from research currently being conducted by InfoTrends for PRIMIR. In this session, attendees will learn how printers have implemented e-commerce in their print operations. Additionally, attendees will learn about business models/practices, sales and marketing strategies, products offered, tools utilized, software and other infrastructure investment requirements, including training, that are necessary for a successful implementation.

Findings from a second study, “Impact of Integrated Marketing on the Printing Industry,” will provide participants with an understanding of ’integrated marketing,’ which vertical markets are most likely to utilize the practice, and most important to PRIMIR members, what role print plays in the media mix of an integrated marketing campaign. Another team of experts at InfoTrends is well underway in concluding this research for PRIMIR.

The program will also feature additional presentations that tie in well with the ’integrated marketing’ discussions. John Zarwan, President, J Zarwan Partners will report findings from an NPES study currently underway focused on “Defining and Understanding Communications Platform Trends and Implications to the Print Value Chain.”

Also, in a presentation entitled “The Mobile Media Revolution: Will Print Become a Luxury Item,” Roman Hohol, Director, Marketing Practice Area of AMEC will enlighten participants about mobile media and how it is affecting the role of printed media.

The PRIMIR Winter Meeting will also feature an “Overview of Emerging Printing Technologies,” by Tom Ashley of Pivotal Resources. The presentation is intended to provide attendees with an understanding of the emerging technologies utilizing various print processes, and offer a preview of some early findings in a study currently underway by Pivotal Resources.