Primary Color Installs Agfa/Thieme M-Press Tiger High-Volume Hybrid Press

Primary Color’s Agfa/Thieme M-Press Tiger hybrid press.

COSTA MESA, CA—Nov. 29, 2011—Primary Color, a digital and sheetfed offset print shop, is very excited about its new partnership with Agfa/Thieme and the purchase of a new M-Press Tiger. This hybrid press utilizes digital print technology for four-color inkjet printing combined with an in-line silkscreen unit. It is the only hybrid machine in North America with an optional in-line screen printing unit that can print primers, varnish, spot color or gold, silver and white inks, as well as thermal scratch-’n-sniff inks, with no loss in productivity.

At 175 impressions per hour with a 62×102″ print area, the M-Press Tiger can handle any size job, in short order, on virtually any substrate that can be sheeted and measures between 0.007″ and 0.39″ in thickness (80-lb. cover paper stock to 1/8” thick substrates). Variable data workflows are integrated with the M-Press, allowing Primary to include variable data elements for the packaging and POP applications.

As digital printing technology improves with quality and speed, the gap is closing between digital, screen and lithography. Primary Color strives to meet their clients needs for bigger, faster, better production, and it evaluated the available options in the marketplace for digital, screen and litho. Management saw the M-Press Tiger as a perfect match for the company.

“Our initial test prints had a smooth ink lay down and the reds are the best I have seen in a long time. The press is color managed to a G7 environment and to all our other devices. I have to say the M-Press is amazing and I believe it is going to change the print world,” commented Dan Hirt, Primary’s President.

Primary Color will be a hosting an open house on Dec. 8 from 3-9 p.m. and is open to anyone who would like to attend. Those who want to learn more about the :M-Press Tiger or want to tour Primary’s industry pioneering print facility are encouraged to register here.

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