PRESTONE PRESS — Leading the Way

Pictured with the Brooklyn Bridge in the

background are: Ira Wechsler, vice president

of operations; Robert Adler, president;

Tommy Politano, executive vice president;

Joseph Ciaffone, plant manager; and

Steve Amoroso, executive vice president.

Still, Amoroso and his partners felt that the benefits far outweighed the risks. “We needed a lot of space, and we really couldn’t afford the Manhattan real estate prices. Plus, Manhattan doesn’t really want commercial printing and other industrial tenants in the city any more,” Amoroso reports. While the availability of space and low rent were attractive to Prestone, Amoroso and his partners knew that they would have to go the extra mile to coax their clients out of Midtown. So they brought in planners and architects to design their new operation.

It was a good decision.

“We now have a very nice looking print shop that is very clean and organized. It did cost us money to bring in planners and architects, but we get a lot of business just by our appearance. Our clients rave about the shop and they can’t wait to come back,” he reveals.

Keeping customers happy is a mainstay at Prestone Press. “We cater to our clients. When there is a press okay, we send a car for them. We make sure there is a nice conference room for them to use. We also make a computer available so clients can go online,” reveals Amoroso. “These kinds of perks send a message that we really try, and that our customers are important to us.”

It’s just this customer-centric business model that has built a client list which includes Maidenform, USA Home Video and Loud Records. “We haven’t run into a situation where we are not able to provide a service that people need,” he claims.

That service now includes a 24-hour operation with 45 employees. Prestone’s equipment arsenal includes two six-color Mitsubishi 16,000 sph presses with in-line coating towers, a two-color Mitsubishi, a CreoScitex Lotem 800 computer-to-plate system, as well as an ever-expanding bindery department. Amoroso and his partners are firm believers in keeping a shop on the cutting edge.

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