Prestone Enhances Marketing Capabilities with MGI Meteor DP8700XL Digital Press, JETvarnish Coater

Ira Wechsler, partner and vice president of operations of Prestone Printing, holds a proof that ran through the company's new MGI JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater.

MELBOURNE, FL—April 8, 2014—Prestone Printing, a full service NYC printing facility, has invested in a MGI Meteor DP8700XL digital press and JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater.

Prestone Printing, located near Midtown Manhattan in New York City, offers a full array of printing services for luxury brand, designer-quality clients. Specializing in the high-end market, Prestone Printing’s extensive range of offset printing, signage, digital printing, and finishing equipment enables it to service all of its clients’ needs efficiently and expeditiously. For over 60 years, Prestone Printing has been able to meet its clients’ packaging, mailing, signage and printing needs with top-of-the-line service.

Always pushing the envelope to increase creative marketing options, Ira Wechsler, Prestone Printing’s partner and vice president of operations, began exploring digital press and 3D spot UV coating options. With the assistance of Advanced Print Technologies, a MGI-certified Elite Dealer, Wechsler decided on both a Meteor DP8700XL and JETvarnish 3D digital spot UV coater.

“Last year I attended PRINT 13 with the intentions of purchasing a competitors version of the MGI devices,” said Wechsler. “After testing various substrates—without lamination, offset, and digital—I did a 180 and was sold on MGI. I realized that only MGI met our stringent quality and efficiency standards needed to serve our high-end clientele.”

Wechsler continued: “Simply put, since installing the Meteor XL digital press and JETvarnish 3D, we just can’t sit still. Our clients are now able to produce more innovative marketing collateral with an appealing schedule and price, due to the cost savings of using a digital press over an offset. We are winning projects we wouldn’t normally win and our clients are inspired to enhance the look and feel of their marketing pieces. Our clients love the versatility, incredibly fast turnaround, and reasonable pricing. It’s a win-win for all. We plan to continue pushing the envelope and assisting our clients in reaching their highest potential in every marketing endeavor.”

About Advanced Print Technology

Advanced Print Technology is an MGI-certified Elite Dealer servicing the Northeastern USA, including Metro NYC and Northern NJ. From its HQ located in East Providence, RI, Advanced Print Technologies has been serving the printing and packaging industries since 2003, delivering full service solutions for pre-owned equipment from leading manufacturers.

Source: MGI.

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