Presswrite Printing Goes Green With Solar Power Roof System

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN—August 29, 2010—Presswrite Printing, Inc a commercial offset, digital and flexographic printer with an office in St. Louis Park, MN has recently completed the installation of a 12.22 kilowatt (kW) solar powered system. The installation includes 52 – 235-Watt, American-made photovoltaic (PV) panels. Using 2 SMA inverters to convert the power from DC to AC, this 12.22 kW system is expected to generate 15,000 kW hours of electricity per year.

Environmental Impact
Producing 15,000 kWh of electricity annually from coal emits 30,000 pounds or 15 tons of carbon dioxide, 52 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 78 pounds of nitrous oxide. Preventing this much CO² and other toxic material from being released into the atmosphere is equivalent to adding 1,500 trees to our forests every year! Over a 30-year span, this system will offset about 900,000 pounds or 450 tons of carbon dioxide, 1,560 pounds of sulfur dioxide and 2,340 pounds of nitrous oxide. The PV panels have a 25 year warranty and the systems’ expected life is 30 years.

Presswrite will be able to provide self manufactured renewable energy rather than purchased renewable energy for the printing and production of their clients’ projects. Presswrite says it is one of very few printers in the United States that is able to provide this amount of renewable energy. ”Adding solar power to our building not only helps the environment but gives our clients an opportunity to contribute to being more green”, says Alan Goltzman Presswrite Printing’s President.

Presswrite is full-service printer providing their clients with comprehensive printing solutions from design through delivery including photography, binding and large format services. Presswrite excels in both conventional and “on-demand” digital printing and specializes in serving clients with multiple locations. They are able to help clients streamline their purchasing via an exclusive online ordering system, saving both time and financial resources.

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