Presstek Sues to Protect Patent Rights

HUDSON, NH—Digital offset solutions provider Presstek has filed a complaint with the Düsseldorf District Court in Germany against Israeli printing plate manufacturer VIM Technologies, contending infringement of its patent rights.

Last February, Presstek filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) against VIM and several of its distributors. The filing led to an investigation by the ITC into Presstek’s patent and trademark infringement claims. Presstek is seeking an order from the ITC forbidding the importation and sale of VIM printing plates.

“This action in Germany is focused on protecting our rights in Europe and seeking damages for VIM’s improper conduct,” said James Van Horn, general counsel for Presstek, in a release. “This is simply our next step in the process of protecting our rights from VIM’s infringement.”

In a statement on the company’s Website following the ITC filing, VIM Founder and CEO Avigdor Bieber noted, “We are confident that the digital printing industry will see clearly that VIM has not infringed any of Presstek’s patents; that the patents at issue are invalid and unenforceable, and will see through Presstek’s regrettable act of bringing the ITC action for what it is: a bald attempt to intimidate printers in an effort to deprive them of their fundamental right to have multiple supplies of plates.”

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