Presstek Announces ITC Victory in Patent Infringement Case

In commenting on the ITC ruling, James R. Van Horn, Presstek’s General Counsel, said, “This ruling in the International Trade Commission represents a total victory for Presstek in its ongoing battle against VIM Technologies and its illegal pirating of our protected technology. We have obtained favorable rulings from two respected tribunals on two continents declaring that VIM’s products illegally infringe Presstek’s valid and enforceable patents. This decision by the ITC should serve as fair warning to all distributors of VIM’s infringing products. Presstek considers the sale of VIM printing plates by any party to be an illegal, intentional and willful violation of our patent rights and we will take all appropriate action to protect these rights and recover damages resulting from this illegal infringement.”

About Presstek
Presstek, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high tech digital imaging solutions to the graphic arts and laser imaging markets. Presstek’s patented DI®, CTP and plate products provide a streamlined workflow in a chemistry-free environment, thereby reducing printing cycle time and lowering production costs. Presstek solutions are designed to make it easier for printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high-quality, shorter print runs and faster turnaround while providing improved profit margins. Presstek subsidiary, Lasertel, Inc., manufactures semiconductor laser diodes for Presstek’s and external customers’ applications. For more information visit, or call 603-595-7000 or email:
DI is a registered trademark of Presstek, Inc.

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