Press Sheet to Finished Mailing Product – Introducing Mailstream

ANAHEIM, CA—The Mailstream machine is the only system in the world that can take a full printed press sheet, cut the sheet into final size, perforate, strike perforate coupons, score, tip-on cards, apply remoistenable glue, fold and fugitive glue pieces to meet all the newest postal requirements. Best of all, it can be operated by one operator who can produce upward of 12,000 pieces per hour while easily re-configuring the system to handle hundreds of the most popular applications. And it maintains the zip code order for direct delivery to mailing bins.

The Mailstream has been reported to generate revenue as much as $ 600.00 per hour using one qualified operator. Further we have been informed by a well-respected mailing firm that they would save as much as $.12 per piece over their previous process of producing self-reply remittance mailing pieces.

Save money on self-reply mailers with remittances, folded products with tip-ons and coupons and much more. Mailstream is fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

For more information contact Susan Corwin at or call (800) 272-4381.

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