MLP U.S.A. Moving Its Corporate Headquarters to Maryland

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—June 16, 2011—MLP U.S.A., one of the top suppliers of printing presses, will move its corporate headquarters to Hunt Valley, MD, which is just north of the city of Baltimore.

The new headquarters will be located in a facility that houses the Corrugating Machinery Div. of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America. That division sells and services high-performance corrugating machinery for the converting and packaging sectors. MLP U.S.A. is mainly owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

MLP U.S.A. has been headquartered in Lincolnshire, a suburb of Chicago, since 1992. Marke Baker, president, said the company’s relocation will occur over a period of several months, beginning in autumn 2011. It will involve office and management personnel and a multimillion-dollar inventory of spare parts. The regional sales teams, sales territories and field service technicians will be unaffected by the move.

Baker said the new location was picked for numerous reasons, including good infrastructure, shared resources and MLP U.S.A.’s growing presence in the packaging printing market. With the move, the company expects to see greater efficiency and more productivity in sales and service activities for Mitsubishi presses.

“We are very excited about this move and pleased that MLP U.S.A. will enter 2012 with the stage set to better meet the future needs of our customers,” Baker said. “Our new facility will allow employees to function more collaboratively and communicate more effectively not only with each other but also with our customers. By working under one roof with the Corrugated Machinery Division, we can take advantage of synergies and improve coordination among these related businesses and functional areas.”

About MLP U.S.A.
MLP U.S.A. markets multicolor sheetfed and web lithographic presses manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It provides complete sales, parts and service for the entire line of Mitsubishi presses.

Source: MLP.

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