President Obama Seeks to Stop ‘Unnecessary Printing,’ Spending on Swag

The four finalists are:

  • Matthew Ritsko, a NASA employee from Maryland, who suggested the creation of a tool “lending library” to avoid duplicative purchases of expensive tools;
  • Eileen Hearty, a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) employee from Colorado, who suggested that it’s unnecessary to travel to inspect superior-rated properties each and every year;
  • Kevin Korzenieski, a Treasury employee in DC, who suggested that we stop purchasing U.S. Code books for all new attorneys given the availability of the information online; and
  • Faith Stanfield, a Social Security Administration (SSA) employee from Ohio, who suggested SSA stop printing and mailing OASIS magazine—which currently is distributed to nearly 90,000 SSA employees—and simply make it available online.

Within 45 days, agencies will develop plans to reduce combined costs in the following areas to 20 percent below Fiscal Year 2010 levels by Fiscal Year 2013.

1) Reduce Spending on Travel and Conferences: The Executive Order directs agencies to decrease travel and conference-related spending. Increasingly, travel will be limited to circumstances where the activity can only be performed away from the employee’s primary office (e.g., a diplomatic mission or enforcement inspection).

2) Cut Duplicative and Unnecessary Employee Information Technology Devices: Some federal employees are issued more devices (e.g. cell phones, smartphones, laptops, tablet personal computers) than they need to fulfill their duties. In other cases, IT devices are purchased, but go unused. The Executive Order directs each agency to limit the number of devices issued to employees and establish new policies to ensure they are not paying for IT equipment that isn’t being used.

3) End Unnecessary Printing and Put It Online: In the digital age, it is frequently unnecessary to spend money on printed documents in addition to making information available online for the public. The Executive Order directs agencies to provide written information electronically and limit the production of hard copy documents. Examples of steps currently being taken are:

  • Lieutenant S

    Here’s a ground breaker:

    Cut Duplicative and Unnecessary Federal Employees/Departments

  • Leo Klebanow

    Regarding printing costs, I once worked as a consultant for a mid-size print company in PA that did quality color printing for the federal government. One job we did was a three panel folder printing 4/4. Have spent most of my career in printing I knew that the art was setup incorrectly. I told the plant manager what I noticed and he said he has been instructed by the GPO not to mention any discrepancies that may be be observed in the artwork and just do the job as is. We did and it was wrong. It cost the government hundreds of dollars more to correct this preventable error. I wonder if this policy has ever changed. Who oversees what the GPO purchases and controls expenses incurred? On a lower level, I did some work with a high school in FL with a printing program. I was shocked at how much more was paid for supplies than needed to and was told not to rock the boat.

    These are probably two examples out of "millions" on how the government spends much more of our tax money than need be.

    I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes but when the money spent is not properly controlled, I firmly believe that something should be done about this.

    I am willing to work in this capacity in any area of government where spending is not controlled properly. This probably means almost all areas.

  • American Biker 1

    Who spends more money on travel then Obama and his wife and all his friends he flys around with him…a seperate plane to ride his dog in…what the hell. Lets tell him cost cuts begin at home. How much does he spend on all his vacations. Practice what he preaches.

  • RED

    Here we again. This man along with all of his ComRATS on BOTH sides of the isle continue to pee on our feet and tell us its raining. Unbelievable!

  • Charlie

    Save money get rid of congress and all the rest of the BS in washington and that wont lead to unemployment they dont pay into also cut all goverment saleries by 10 % and pentions and have them pay into medical just like the rest of us

  • t2rent

    So , we are supposed to think the best way to encourage growth is to stop spending,
    or to cut back on …., which means the company that has been producing this product
    will have to let go of the employee(s) that have been producing this product ..really!!

  • dan

    just some facts to counter the bs of some comments in this and other threads:

    To put Obama’s use of Air Force One into context, we also asked for travel data for his predecessor, President George W. Bush. Bush took 89 missions and 259 sorties in 2002, his second year as president, according to the airlift group. And in his first two years, Bush took 148 missions with 416 sorties, compared with 126 missions with 324 sorties for Obama over two years.

    So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

    Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days.