Obama Throws Support Behind USPS Five-Day Delivery

WASHINGTON, DC—It seems that Pres. Obama is coming to the aid of the U.S. Postal Service, at least to an extent. Obama has said he is in favor of ending Saturday mail delivery and increasing postage rates.

The proposals were part of Obama’s deficit reduction recommendations, the Washington Post reported. However, the president would not back the idea of the USPS breaking its labor pacts or laying off 120,000 workers.

The White House wants Congress to return $7 billion to USPS—monies it had prepaid into a federal retirement fund—to help pay for other retirement and health care costs, the Post said. Obama’s plan would allow the Postal Service to raise stamp prices beyond the rate of inflation and better match the cost of delivery.

In all, the proposals would provide USPS in excess of $20 billion in savings during the next few years and cut the federal deficit by $18 billion-plus over the next decade.

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  • Paul

    USPS is backrupt! Eliminating Saturday deliveries is 15 years over due. Stop talking and take immediate action by stopping this week.

  • Kansan

    WHAT??? We’re going to have to pay more than $0.44 to get a personalized communication or checks from LA to New York? UNACCEPTABLE! The fuel cost isn’t that high… The labor involved is only a pittance… The convenience isn’t worth it…
    Oh wait. It is still a great deal even at $1.00 a piece in this day and time, and we’ll actually be paying what it costs (finally) to even out paying less than cost for the past few years.
    Actually a good idea, and I’m a conservative mid-westerner too :)

  • borderchamp

    Keep all the employees, pay them the same with benefits but have them work less. By the way stick it to the consumer by higher postage rates and less service. Is this what I’m reading? Recommendations from a community organizer. HELP!