Cut to the cut

By eliminating the need to feed cutters manually, Transomat B loading systems from POLAR help to assure efficient, ergonomically correct operation.

A cutter can be loaded either manually from the front or, preferably, in a semi- or fully-automated procedure via the rear table of the machine. Automated material transport on cutters supported by POLAR’s Transomat B loading systems largely frees the operator from having to feed the machine.

There are two options: the operator can transport the material from the Transomat over the front table to the cutter; or, a pusher or gripper-loading system can automatically transfer it to the rear table. Material requiring no jogging (for example, unprinted paper trimmed on four sides) can be taken directly from a pallet with the Transomat B loader and transported onto either table by a pusher. The amount of material is determined by a height-scanning system or by inserting a wedge.

Previously jogged material can also be loaded onto the cutter with Transomat B. In this case, the material to be cut is usually delivered from an external jogging station and automatically fed into the cutting machine by a Transomat B with “chip function” (an option for drawing material into the cutter in precise quantities).

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