Postal Regulatory Commission Signs Off on Shorter Retail Hours for Post Offices

WASHINGTON, DC—August 23, 2012—The Postal Regulatory Commission issued an Advisory Opinion on the U.S. Postal Service’s Post Office Structure Plan (POStPlan), an initiative to match post office retail hours with workload, Docket N2012-2. The Postal Service is required to seek an Advisory Opinion if its actions constitute a nationwide change in service levels.

The POSTPlan reflects a determination by the Postal Service to explore options to adjust its retail window hours without closing post offices. Retail window hours of operation at more than 13,000 post offices nationwide will be reduced to six, four, or two hours per weekday, and in approximately 73 locations, hours of operation will increase.

The Commission found the objective of the POStPlan to be consistent with public policy, and acknowledged that the Plan may reduce retail service and customer convenience at post offices by reducing weekday hours of operation. To further enhance the implementation of the POSTPlan, the Commission Advisory Opinion provides recommendations concerning access, community input, revenue and staffing. Among the Commission’s findings are:

The customer preference survey should provide customers with a clear choice between 1) keeping their post office open with reduced hours or 2) closing their post office and providing replacement delivery service.

To the extent possible, the Postal Service should not implement a reduction in retail hours at POStPlan facilities prior to making necessary modifications to buildings and/or operations so that current levels of access for existing post office box customers continues.

The Postal Service’s instructional memorandum to area vice presidents and district managers should explain that every effort should be made to locate qualified staff and successfully negotiate a lease before overriding a community’s preference for a POStPlan office with realigned hours.

The Postal Service’s instructional memorandum should reflect the Postal Service’s stated POStPlan policy, especially as it relates to Village Post Offices (VPOs).

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