Postal Rates Set to Increase

The Postal Service announced new rates effective May 12. This is the first rate increase that falls under the new regulations established by the PIA-championed postal reform legislation, which means that the new prices can increase on average no more than the rate of inflation.

While future increases were inevitable, there is confidence that the new rate-setting process will achieve the industry’s policy goals: more predictability and affordability in relation to USPS rate increases.

There is also increased transparency in the rate-hike process, as outlined in the bill signed in December 2006. Specifics released by the USPS included prices for First Class stamps to rise by one cent, a lower additional-ounce price for presorted First Class mail letters, and a lower pound price for standard mail saturation and high-density flats.

The USPS is providing specific information online. Government Affairs will continue to monitor all relevant legislation.

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