Wind Creek Casino Increases Business from Loyalty Program Members – PODi Case Study

Examples of Wind Creek Casino’s cross-media campaign that included postcards and personalized URLs/landing pages.

Wind Creek Casino landing page sample.

Vertical Market: Travel & Entertainment
Business Application: Direct Marketing/Traffic Generation/Loyalty

Business Objectives
Wind Creek Casino, located in Alabama, has a loyalty program—“Players Club”—that offers members special offers, access and privileges. To generate business and foster stronger customer relationships, Wind Creek needed a direct marketing campaign that would:

  • Increase casino traffic on specific dates
  • Collect customer information
  • Solicit email and phone opt-ins for future marketing

Wind Creek Casino partnered with Visions to create a cross-media campaign that drove recipients to a personalized URL.

  • List Count – 48,605
  • 31.3% visit rate – recipient went to Personalized URL
  • 30.8% response rate – Recipient completed online form
  • Opt-ins for future communications
    * 14,985 email
    * 8,264 home phone
    * 3,412 cell phone
  • 2,217 coupon redemptions for a redemption rate of 14.8%
  • 552% ROI

Campaign Architecture
A personalized postcard was sent to recipients directing them to a Personalized URL for their gaming offer. The Personalized URL provided users a secure landing page with login. Users gained access to their customized site and supplied the information necessary to enter the sweepstakes. At the same time, each site captured additional opt-in contact information for future marketing promotions.

As the final step in the campaign, respondents received a follow-up email with guaranteed winnings details and information on a second chance drawing. Subsequent personalized emails were sent prior to drawing dates to serve as reminders.

The promotion encouraged recipients to visit their Personalized URL for guaranteed free play winnings and a chance to win a $10,000 prize sweepstakes. To encourage business on the casino’s slow days, Mondays and Tuesdays, special offers were made for those days of the week.

Target Audience & Messaging
The target audience for this campaign was Players Club members for the Wind Creek Casino & Hotel. The campaign encouraged Players Club members to “Log In & Cash Out.” The dollar amount of the member’s free play award was based on the amount of play that individual had done in the casino.

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