Pinnacle Data, NABS Bindery Install New Products from Standard Finishing

ANDOVER, MA—March 6, 2012—Standard Finishing Systems, a leading supplier of postpress and paper handling solutions for the graphic arts and print on demand markets, announces the following new product installations:

Pinnacle Data Systems
Founded in 1992, Pinnacle recently installed Standard Hunkeler and Standard Horizon equipment at its two redundant, 75,000-square-foot print facilities.

The company added a Standard Hunkeler Roll-to-Stack system with chip-out and slit/merge capability to its Atlanta location, producing full-bleed, interstacked output for one-up printing of multiple pages, at speeds up to 500 fpm. Running in-line with the Ricoh IP5000 print engine, the new solution includes the UW6 unwinder, WM6 web merger, CS6-II cutter with chip-out, LS6 non-stop stacker, and HKU2000 evacuation unit for trim waste.

“The ease, speed and flexibility of the Standard Hunkeler system allows us to offer unique document printing solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations,“ says Robert Reddinger, president and CEO.

New to Pinnacle’s Birmingham, AL, facility is the Standard Horizon SPF-200A bookletmaker, equipped with a HOF sheet-feeder for digitally collated sets and the Standard VIVA inspection system for document integrity and verification.

“The beauty of this solution, in addition to the automation and high-quality booklet production, is the dual camera-system which provides sheet-level and set-level integrity checking,” reports Reddinger. “Quality control and tracking are essential to the confidential and personalized document printing we perform for our clients.”

Pinnacle provides document management and distribution services to document-intensive companies within the insurance, utilities, telecommunications, credit union, collections, financial services and business-to-business industries.

NABS Bindery Service (Waltham, MA)

NABS has expanded its short-run finishing capabilities with the addition of a Standard Horizon BQ-270C automated perfect binder. The BQ-270C features a compact configuration, color touchscreen control, and a digital caliper that measures and conveys the book block thickness data to the binder for fully automated set-up.

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