Pictorial Offset–Reducing Costs Through Efficient Management

Logic has also helped Pictorial eliminate 50 percent of its paperwork. “To do this, we’re making the computer an integral part of job performance—no one will be able to do their job unless they use the computer. Then the dissemination of information will be even better,” states Samuels.

Instant Answers
“One of our biggest goals…is to be able to answer any client’s question on any phone, anywhere in the plant,” adds Samuels.

JobWorks is a Logic extension program that Pictorial is implementing to help the company access customer information. JobWorks combines a user-defined electronic job ticket—one that Pictorial has customized to fit its specific needs—with all job-related information. By having access to computers throughout the plant, anyone can access the most current job information and quickly answer any client’s questions about the job.

“No work can be done in this plant unless there has been a job ticket created,” says Samuels. “Having the new electronic job ticket makes us more consistent.”

The pressroom is another area where access to job information is critical. With three six-color webs and several four-, six-, and eight-color sheetfed presses, Pictorial produces jobs anywhere from 5,000 to 20 million impressions with an average turnaround time of five days. To keep track of all the information for the different jobs, Pictorial implemented Logic DMI on every press. Data collected directly from the press by DMI are displayed in the Logic PlantVista on PCs throughout the plant, giving an instant view of the production floor.

“DMI is one of the best pieces of technology,” states Samuels. DMI links all production machines directly to the Logic system, and uses sensors and controllers to track counts and equipment-stops automatically. The result is extremely accurate gross and net counts as well as spoilage counts. With real-time information and job status at a glance, Pictorial’s managers have immediate access to current production data, and its machine operators have immediate access to job schedules and job specifications.

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