PIA Sets Its Legislative Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC—Healthcare, labor and taxation are some of the most pressing issues atop the Printing Industries of America’s legislative advocacy agenda for the 111th Congress. The PIA released its annual list of to-do and don’t-do items of general and particular interest to the printing industry.Heading the list is the skyrocketing cost of healthcare. Measures that increase competition and options in the healthcare market will be supported.

The Employee Free Choice Act, commonly known as card check legislation, is public enemy No. 1 from the trade association’s perspective. The ironically named act would replace secret ballot union organizing elections with an open petition system.

Other labor-related issues include new OSHA regulations and the health of defined benefit pension plans.

PIA is also pressing for a repeal or reform of the Estate Tax, a reduced capital gains tax and a reformed Alternative Minimum Tax. In addition, the association will champion anti-“Do Not Mail” legislation efforts by showing the value of mail to the economy.

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